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Sync sales & ads data to Publishwide
Sync sales & ads data to Publishwide
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After you’ve logged into your different sales & ads accounts, the app will automatically start syncing. If it does not start automatically syncing, you can press the Start Sync button to begin a manual sync:


After your full sync has completed, you can view your data on your main Publishwide dashboard.

NOTE: If a sync is still running (Ex: the first time you sync your KDP data) when you try to view your reports, Publishwide will wait until the sync is completed before loading the report.

You can now close the Publishwide Sync App window and let it run in the background. The app will automatically sync your data every 2 hours.

To open the app again, follow these instructions.

If you want to retrieve the latest stats without waiting the 2 hours, you can press the “Start Sync” button. Currently, you can start a new manual sync every 20 minutes.

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