After logging into your Publishwide Sync App, you need to log into your different sales channels with their respective credentials before you can start syncing their data.

Step 1: Select your sales channels

(Optional) Step 2: Select your Ad Channels.

(Optional) Step 3: Select your AMS marketplaces

Step 4: Log into your Amazon account

NOTE: The app may ask you to enter a six-digit OTP (One Time Password) code when logging into your Amazon account.

If you’ve enabled 2-Factor Authentication, the OTP will be texted to you. Otherwise, you should receive an email from Amazon with the code.

Once you’ve entered the code, press Submit to continue.

Step 5: Log into your other Sales Channels (e.g. B&N.)

Step 6: After the app finishes logging into your selected AMS marketplaces, confirm their respective user ID(s) - This may take a while.

Step 7: You are now ready to start syncing your data to Publishwide! Click the "Start Sync" button to begin.

The Publishwide app will sync every 2 hours if left it running in the background. Manual syncs have a 20 minute cooldown between each sync.

Read more about how Publishwide keeps your login credentials safe here.

Publishwide Sync app always requesting an OTP when it syncs? Click here for a solution.

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