Publishwide will automatically assign any Facebook ads to your books by looking at the Facebook ad link for an identifier such as an ASIN, EAN, or Apple Book ID.

If the identifier matches one of your books, we automatically assign a book to the ad.

For ads where an identifier cannot be found, you will need to manually assign them to books:

  • Go to the Facebook Ads section on your Publishwide dashboard

  • Find campaigns that have no book assignments

  • Click on the "Show X Ad" button on the campaign to see all ads associated with the campaign

  • In the dropdown menu, choose or type the title of the book that you want to assign the ad to.

  • To remove an ad assignment, just click on the “x” by the book title under Book Assignment.

Publishwide will notify you when it detects that you have any new Facebook ads that are not automatically assigned.

NOTE: Publishwide will still track the ad spend for any unassigned Facebook ads.

If you have any ads that you do not want to track, you can set the Report Visibility for the specific ad to HIDE. Once you do that, Publishwide will no longer track and display data from those ads. You can always re-enable that by changing the Report Visibility from HIDE to SHOW.

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