The Profit reports dashboard offers you a more in-depth look at your data over a period of time beyond today and yesterday.

The Profit Dashboard also has additional filters that you can use to customize your data. You can click here to go to your Profit Dashboard.

For a more in-depth look at how to use filters to customize your data, check out our filters guide here.

To use the Profit filters, click on the date range above the scorecard to bring up a selection menu to use:


In this selection menu, you can:

  • Change the time range

  • Choose different ads and sales channels that you want to see

  • Set additional filters by countries, titles, authors, series, and custom tags


Like the snapshot dashboard, when you click on a scorecard in the Profit Dashboard, the graph will change to show the corresponding data. Your Royalty and Expenses graphs also offer you detailed breakdowns of their constituent metrics:


The breakdowns are:


  • eBook Royalty

  • KENPC Royalty

  • Paperback Royalty

  • PreOrder Royalty

  • Kindle Countdown Royalty


  • Facebook

  • Amazon Ads

  • Manual

When viewing your graph, you can also hover over a particular data point to see the breakdown. You can also select and deselect data series on the graph to focus on specific data that you're interested in:


Under the chart, you can choose to view the table by:

  • Books

  • Countries

  • Geo

  • Expenses

  • Dates

Like the Snapshot dashboard, you can rearrange the columns, adjust the column widths to your liking, and remove columns by dragging the column off the table entirely.


You can use the reset button to bring back all the columns to default view.


You can also export the current table to CSV with the export button at the upper right of the table.

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