Your Publishwide and and official KDP data may look different for the following reasons:

  • KENP royalty is different

  • KDP Paid Orders and Publishwide Units don't match up

  • Currency Conversion

KENP Royalty is different: If your estimated KENP values on Publishwide are different from your KDP estimates, check that you’re using the “Most Recent Month” setting on your KDP report--which is what Publishwide uses. You can always set a different KENP value by going into your settings.

KDP Paid Orders and Publishwide Units Sold scorecard don't match up: Publishwide shows your sales data in the Units Sold scorecard, while your KDP reports shows orders. Here is a basic explanation of the difference between Orders and Sales:

  • An order is recorded when a customer puts in an order

  • A sale is recorded after Amazon has shipped the order

We made this choice to show the Sales data in the Units Sold scorecard because it more closely aligns that data with your royalties, and better matches up with your data from wide marketplaces (e.g. Apple Books).

NOTE: We use data from the Net Units Sold column from the KDP report rather than the Units Sold for sake of simplicity.

Currency Conversion: Publishwide uses the currency conversion data from the 1st day of the month. Because Amazon calculates currency conversion on the day that the payments are issued, there may be some minor discrepancies between what Publishwide reports and what Amazon shows.

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