The Snapshot reports dashboard displays your data for today and yesterday. You can see your Snapshot report here. For convenience, this is also the first page you'll when you log into your Publishwide account.

NOTE: Users who live far ahead of GMT - i.e. users who live in the future - will need to change their Snapshot date settings to effectively use the Snapshot page. Click here to learn how to do so.

To view data before today & yesterday, use the Profits Report page.

At the top section are five scorecard boxes that you can click on to change the donut chart:


Between the scorecards and the donut chart are Group By options that you can use to change the view of the donut chart by:

  • Title

  • Marketplace

  • Author

  • Series


Underneath the donut chart are the top 5 books according to each scorecard selection. You can hover over each cover to see their scorecard values.


Underneath the top 5 books section is the data table. You can rearrange the columns and adjust the column widths to your liking.


The following three columns can be expanded to show their respective sub-columns.


  • KENP royalty

  • eBook royalty

  • Paperback royalty

  • Pre-Order royalty

  • Kindle Countdown Royalty


  • Paid Orders

  • Kindle Countdown Units Sold

  • Paperback Units Sold

  • Pre-Order Units Sold

  • Giveaways


  • Ad Spend

  • Ad Impressions

  • Ad Clicks

  • Ad CPC

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