Once you’ve set up your Publishwide account and finished your first sync, you can make additional adjustments to your dashboard on the Account Settings:

  • KENP rate settings

  • Change Default Currency

  • Day/Night mode

  • Snapshot Date

  • Payment settings

KENP rate settings

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to adjust your KENP rate settings.

Change Default Currency

To change the default currency, go to the Account Settings page, and scroll down to the section titled Currency. You can then set your default currency there. The currencies available right now are:

  • USD

  • AUD

  • BRL

  • CAD

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • INR

  • JPY

  • MXN

Day/Night mode

To toggle between day/night mode on your Publishwide dashboard, you can either click on the toggle in the lower right hand corner of the screen after logging in, or you can go to the Account Settings.

Snapshot Date

You can have your Snapshot page display either Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow's data. This was made so that users who live at the extreme ends of time zones (e.g. Australia) can use the Snapshot page effectively.

For users who are far ahead of GMT (i.e. Australian users) - we recommend you use the Yesterday setting since you're already in the future.

Payment settings

To update your payment settings, go to Account Settings and scroll to the bottom. There, you can make adjustments to your payment setting like updating your payment method and canceling your subscription.

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